iVOX is awarded Best Digital Tools award for teaching & Learning

May 3, 2022 | iVOX, News, Press Releases, Products | 0 comments

American Association of School Librarians (AASL) announces Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning

“iVOX is a storytelling app that not only gives young readers the immersive technology they have come to expect from hours of video gaming, but which has been proven to support literacy development. Students interact with the app, allowing them to view the story from many angles and in some cases bring up further information. The story is read aloud for them as the words are highlighted at the bottom of the screen – a multi-modal approach that has been proven to aid in literacy development.”

Best Digital Awards: https://www.ala.org/aasl/awards/best

“The recognition honors digital tools that foster innovation and collaboration, encourage exploration and participation, are user-friendly, and offer information and references. The technology resources are also evaluated for their application of AASL’s “National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries.”

“Recent virtual learning raised the visibility of school librarians as curators of digital resources and tools for our school communities,” said AASL President Jennisen Lucas. “The release of this list is always an exciting event! I can’t wait to utilize these tools in meeting the needs of our learners and extending our collaborations. This year’s list is well-rounded and offers something for us all to use and share.”

Press release found here

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