BCS Public Library System introducing multi-sensory VOX books

Jan 31, 2024 | News, Products, VOX Books | 0 comments

The Bryan and College Station Library Systems are now implementing the multi-sensory books to encourage literacy in children.

BRYAN, Texas — The Clara B. Mounce Public Library in Downtown Bryan is looking to revolutionize the way kids learn and understand literacy with new VOX Books.

VOX Books are audio books that live in print books. They are presented in a read-along format with no computers, tablets or CDs involved.

According to Literacy Texas, the pre-kindergarten system meets only two of 10 quality standards, meaning only six in 10 Texas Children go into public school assessed as kindergarten ready.

Bryan is looking to change that with VOX Books.

“We did collaborations where we had story times on the weekends and we didn’t quite have the attendance that we needed for that, so we decided to do an alternate approach to literacy. We have a lot of bilingual multilingual and struggling readers and studies show that audio books provide the bridge in that gap,” said Youth Librarian, Jennifer Stadler.

These books can serve as a resource for those looking to learn new languages as well.

Library Director, Beatrice Saba said, “It comes in many different languages so it kind of exposes parents or grandparents who may not be fluent in English, and you just hit the play button and allow the books to read.”

Children and parents can push five simple buttons on the reader to begin listening to the book out loud, making reading more interactive for all kids.

These books will be available for check out for anyone with a library card starting Saturday.

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