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VOX™ Books are the world’s first audio books that live in print books. The permanently attached VOX Reader transforms an ordinary print book into an all-in-one read-along. No need for computers, tablets, or CDs—children simply push a button to listen and read.

VOX Books combine outstanding picture books, chapter books, and non-fiction titles with audio recordings that capture children’s attention and make learning and literacy development fun.

Since their introduction in 2015, VOX Books have been embraced by schools and libraries across the globe as a powerful tool for engaging children with books and developing the reading skills needed for success in school and in life.

VOX Books titles


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  • Each hardcover book comes with a full audio recording. 
  • The all-in-one design means that VOX Books are fully portable. No CDs, batteries, computer, device, or internet connection are required. Readers simply push a button to listen and read.
  • The ‘kid tough’ design and manufacturing are backed by an 18-month warranty.
  • Titles come with both a speaker and an audio jack, so both individual and group learning are supported.
  • An enlarged and improved speaker provides greater volume and clarity, while a safety feature automatically lowers the volume when earbuds are plugged in.
  • An on/off switch prevents battery discharge when the title isn’t being actively used.
  • The high-capacity battery charges quickly and lasts up to 150 plays. A new battery life indicator shows if the battery is low or fully charged.
  • A micro-USB port allows for easy home charging using common 5V (Android) chargers.
  • Great overall design, with the player in the center of the cover, makes VOX Books sturdy and easy to shelve.

Standing Order

If you are interested in receiving the newest books and the best prices, take advantage of our Standing Order subscription.

Features of the Standing Order include:

  • Option of either 18 or 12 completely new titles, shipped each quarter.
  • New titles released through the Standing Order are shipped free automatically, and at the lowest price.
  • 4 (18 book plan) or 2 (12 book plan) VOX Books chargers included with each quarterly shipment.

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What Librarians Are Saying About Vox books


“These books market themselves!”

When I walk to our read-along shelves, I find that the VOX book side is nearly or even completely empty and the books + CD side is always full. That compelling visual speaks to the success and popularity of VOX books as a format that resonates with today’s parents and young readers. We will definitely add more VOX books to our collection.

Scarlett Fisher-Herreman

Librarian, Topeka Shawnee County Public Library

Montgomery County Public Library launched VOX Books about a year ago and they have been a huge success. Our customers and staff are very excited about them to the point where they are hardly ever found on the shelves. There were some concerns about the impact on staff; however, we have found that the impact has been minimal. We purchased these with the intent to reach the reluctant reader portion of the population but they are successful in so many other areas as well, including early readers, ESL readers, and for children that just want to hear a book multiple times. These books are great products and really market themselves to both customers and staff. Thank you for bringing them to our attention and we look forward to continuing to purchase them in the future.

K. Cooper

Senior Librarian, Selection & Interlibrary Loan Collection Management, Montgomery County Public Library

Families appreciate the ability to check out audio books without having to have a separate device or batteries. Parents like that the children can read along. The library staff likes the variety of titles and languages available from VOX Books.

Rebecca Jamess

Assistant Director for Youth Services, Clayton County Public Libraries, GA

Thank you for the quick response! Beginning our Standing Order was the best decision I made in 2020.

April Spisak

Head of Youth Services, Albany Public Library

We love the iVOX app, especially at this time where virtual books are so important. The demand for these have exceeded our expectations and we’ve now increased our budget for these cutting-edge virtual and immersive books. Our clients love them!


iVOX Focus Group

As a homeschooling family we love utilizing Vox Books! We have read just about everyone in our library system. We use them a lot for “quiet time”. As my children are learning to read they enjoy having a different voice read them the book and the page turning sounds are helpful!

Thanks so much,

Daneille Shell


My girls love the VOX books. We’ve checked out almost all of the ones our library has.

Jennifer Menci


VOX Books continues to be a popular, well circulating collection. I recommend them often to other libraries. We’ve found them to be durable and problem free. They’ve exceeded our expectations!

Sarah Cournoyer, MLIS

Youth Services Librarian, City of Beaver Dam Library

Vox books are checking out like hotcakes! Or some are saying like that. I want to buy more before the end of this fiscal year.  I sent word to our fiscal department to up our contract another $5000. Thank you!

Teri Pilate

Senior Librarian, Placer County Librarian

“Hey kids, why do you like vox books so much?”

“Because they’re books that can talk, and I don’t have to read it or ask mom to read me the story, I can just listen to it!” Maverick—5

“I like to use my headphones and read books!” Nikova—3

“They’re so cool because they read to you. I feel excited when we get them from the library and I like that they read us the whole story!” Brady—7

We have read just about every one in our library system.

Danielle Shell

Home Schooling Parent

“Yay! We love Vox books!”—Comment from visitor when a new shipment of VOX books was announced on our Facebook page. Love those books!


Librarian, Portland District Library

Overheard at the Library: (child with VOX Book) “It is going to show me how to read and I have been working on that for so long.”


Librarian, County Public Library, Maryland

The Children’s Department has Vox Books which allow you to both listen to the audio of the book and read along!  These books make learning and literacy development fun!


Librarian, North Canton Library

Thank you @ChardonSchFound for finding our new Vox Books for Kindergarten! These nonfiction, high interest, pre-recorded stories are the perfect learning facilitator for our budding readers!


Twitter, Chardon Schools

Thank you for the Vox Books! We are enjoying learning with them!

Mrs. Maheu

Kindergarten Teacher, Chardon Schools

I picked up my holds from @fairfaxlibrary this weekend and discovered Vox Books. With the push of a button many popular and inclusive texts now have a read aloud option! This is such a good idea. I got a bunch for my class! They require zero WiFi or additional technology


Twitter, Fairfax Library

She’s loving these new Vox books from the library! ⁦Pre readers are able to listen to the books and control the play, pause, volume, page, etc on their own. Great way to sneak reading in while in the car!

Tina S.

Parent, North Canton Library

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