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IRBooks are ground-breaking and a first of their kind. By combining cutting edge virtual reality with traditional children’s books, IR Books redefines the learning experience, allowing children of all ages to delve into new and exciting topics like never before.

The first of their kind

Studies show that most children are visual and interactive learners. IR Books have become the ideal teaching tool for libraries, parents, caregivers, and teachers alike. Enjoy access to nine new titles every quarter, in genres as diverse as Science, Space Exploration, Geography, the Animal Kingdom, and Dangerous Professions. The future is now, and Library Ideas is here to help you bring it to your patrons.

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IR book titles

Immersive reality

Level 1 titles recommended for ages 4–7

Level 2 titles recommended for ages 8–14

IR Book features

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  • Level 1 titles recommended for ages 4–7.
  • Level 2 titles recommended for ages 8–14.
  • Great for remote learning.
  • Books priced at $38.95 each, with one free VR Headset included with each book purchase.
  • Browse through our diverse array of genres, including but not limited to Science, Space Exploration, Geography, the Animal Kingdom, and Dangerous Professions.
  • Discover nine new titles released by IR Books each quarter.
  • A free app, activated by the book, is available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

  • Benefit from access to our extensive array of available promotional materials.

What people Are Saying About ir Books


“This is a game changer for my family.”

Thank you! This is a game changer for my family. My kids (7 and 9) cannot get enough of these “epic” books. So thrilled to have discovered them at my library, and looking forward to more!

Username: librarymama81

Apple App Review

The people walking on the moon were great. I accidentally bumped into Neil Armstrong the same time I walked into my couch, so I really felt as though I had physically been on the moon with him.

IR Books Focus Group


I really liked that it was so real and that the planets were like they were right there, and there were real facts. There was nothing that I didn’t like.

James, IR Books Focus Group


The experience was amazing! My 10-year-old son LOVED it and wanted to keep doing it over and over.

IR Books Focus Group


My Daughter loves this app. She was amazed at how real everyting looks in VR. You read the book and scan the QR code on the page and step into another place and time. It was really easy to use. I hightly recommmed IR Books to enhance your children’s learning experience—and I have to admit—I enjoyed it just as much as she did.

Username: baja496

Apple App Review

She enjoyed using the VR headset because she liked how she had full visualization of the solar system. It was very “cool.” Overall, and she felt it was “awesome.”

IR Books Focus Group


When I saw the spacecraft come at me, it was really unexpected—to see the spacecraft right in front of me. I also learned that it was named voyager 1.

IR Books Focus Group


Overall, it was very cool! I would definitely buy these books for my boys—it’s like a cross between video games and learning—but with more learning. I usually have to beg or bribe my kids to do their reading, but with IR Books—they’d just do this for fun on their own. These are wonderful.


Mother, IR Books Focus Group

Excellent educational experience! Gets kids interested in science and technology. Ask for the books and goggles at your public library.

Username: himnme2010

Apple App Review

This is really cutting-edge technology, from a company that excels in bringing the latest technology to the 21st. century library. The great thing is, that I don’t have to have any special equipment other than what I already have in my phone. Download the app and it’s done. I only wish there were more “experiences” in each book, but each one is so good, the youth will probably never get bored.



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