What customers are saying about our products

“Beginning our Standing Order was the best decision I made in 2020.”

I wanted to write a brief note to tell you that I am so happy and impressed with the Vox Books our library has purchased. The response from our patrons has been fantastic. Parents love them, kids love them, and even the grandparents are impressed! (Grandparents can be very discerning when it comes to picture books!)

Heather Waddell

Youth Services Librarian, Sargent Memorial Library, Boxborough MA

Montgomery County Public Library launched VOX Books about a year ago and they have been a huge success. Our customers and staff are very excited about them to the point where they are hardly ever found on the shelves. There were some concerns about the impact on staff; however, we have found that the impact has been minimal. We purchased these with the intent to reach the reluctant reader portion of the population but they are successful in so many other areas as well, including early readers, ESL readers, and for children that just want to hear a book multiple times. These books are great products and really market themselves to both customers and staff. Thank you for bringing them to our attention and we look forward to continuing to purchase them in the future.

K. Cooper

Senior Librarian, Selection & Interlibrary Loan Collection Management, Montgomery County Public Library

Thank you for the quick response! Beginning our Standing Order was the best decision I made in 2020.

April Spisak

Head of Youth Services, Albany Public Library

Families appreciate the ability to check out audio books without having to have a separate device or batteries. Parents like that the children can read along. The library staff likes the variety of titles and languages available from VOX Books.

Rebecca James

Assistant Director for Youth Services, Clayton County Public Libraries, GA

VOX Books continues to be a popular, well circulating collection. I recommend them often to other libraries. We’ve found them to be durable and problem free.

Sarah Cournoyer, MLIS

Youth Services Librarian, City of Beaver Dam Library

VOX books are checking out like hotcakes! Or some are saying like that. I want to buy more before the end of this fiscal year.  I sent word to our fiscal department to up our contract another $5000. Thank you!

Teri Pilate

Senior Librarian, Placer County Librarian

Hey kids, why do you like VOX Books so much?

Because they’re books that can talk, and I don’t have to read it or ask mom to read me the story, I can just listen to it!

Maverick, son of Danielle Shell

5 year old, Facebook

With everything that is going on in the world, I believe reading engaging thought provoking pieces and sharing in discussion is more important than ever. This is my first book club in this format so i’m looking forward to sharing thoughts on this months read!


New Customer, Online Book Club

My child thought it was fun and relatively easy to use. The book choices were good and she really liked the book animation.  She said she liked this better than other book reading programs that she has tried.


IR Book Focus Group Comment

Wow, just like that, the book I was looking for loaded to my device and within a minute I was reading it. Thank you Freading and my public library!


Library Patron, Freading Books

Overall, it was very cool! I would definitely buy these books for my boys—it’s like a cross between video games and learning—but with more learning. I usually have to beg or bribe my kids to do their reading, but with IR Books—they’d just do this for fun on their own. These are wonderful.


Mother, IR Books Focus Group

This app rocks! I would give this app a 5+ 👍 I love having it on with my fave playlists, free weekly downloads and lots of exploration of music related to artists I already love.

Chellee Martin

Play Store Review for Freegal

The best program to get you learning German. To get the best out of the course you have to follow the course and repeat even the sections you know. Saying the words and phrases out loud and recording them improves pronunciation and retention of the meaning. If you put the effort in with Rocket German your language skills and confidence will increase. A great way to learn the basics and then develop these skills.

John Oldfield

Rocket Languages, Google Play Review

The technology is simple for both the adult and the child/student to use. The app is easy to navigate by simply choosing a book and the app reads aloud to the reader. As a teacher I enjoy that the words are also on the page as the narrator reads aloud. The student can both see and hear how the words are spelled. I like the 3D “pop up” aspect of the illustrations. It keeps the reader more engaged in a story, especially if they have a short attention span. One suggestion is to open up the technology to use the app on a smart-board for entire class discussions.


Kindergarten 1st grade Special Education teacher/parent , Facebook Comment about iVOX


We love the iVOX app, especially at this time where virtual books are so important. The demand for these have exceeded our expectations and we’ve now increased our budget for these cutting-edge virtual and immersive books. Our clients love them!


iVOX Focus Group