iVOX, IR Books and VOX Books are all 2021 NAPPA Award winners

Aug 15, 2021 | IR Books, iVOX, News, Press Releases, Products, VOX Books | 0 comments

National Parenting Products Awards writes: “Congratulations on being recognized as the best in the industry for iVOX™ Books, IR™ Books and VOX™ Books. We are so excited to welcome you into our NAPPA Awards family and we can’t wait to celebrate you.”

From the NAPPA site for the VOX Books award they write:


VOX™ Books are the world’s first audio books that live within print books. The permanently attached VOX Reader transforms an ordinary print book into an all-in-one read along, immersing users in the narrative like never before. There’s no need for computers, tablets or CDs. Simply push a button to listen and read.

Evaluation comments:

“These books will take the young readers on a wonderful journey. I like that they are written clearly and straight forward and that the illustrations are absolutely stunning. They both have audio versions attached and the books even came with a charger for the audio part.”

“A great tool for educators to engage kids in reading. It offers kids different ways to engage with the book.”

Originally from: https://www.nappaawards.com/product/immersive-reality-books/

IR Books

IR Books are a unique way to engage with books. By combining cutting edge virtual reality with traditional children’s books, IR Books redefine the learning experience, allowing children of all ages to delve into new and exciting topics like never before. Studies show that most children are visual and interactive learners, and with so many kids learning from homes, IR Books have become the ideal teaching tool for libraries, parents, caregivers, and teachers alike.

Evaluation comments:

“I absolutely loved everything about this product. The books are filled with information and interesting facts and the app is innovative and exciting.”

“I think kids will be excited to explore these and learn more on a particular subject”
“A great tool for educators to engage kids in a particular topic”

Originally from: https://www.nappaawards.com/product/ivox-book-app/


iVOX is a children’s book app, which engages and delights curious young minds with the latest in storytelling technology. Part eBook, part audiobook and part virtual pop-up. Children follow along with the exciting stories while interacting with 3D characters and scenes – immersed in the narrative like never before (no 3D glasses needed!).

Evaluation comments:

“Encourages reading and the enjoyment of books, supporting imagination and play.”

“This is wonderful. The books are developmentally age-appropriate. the graphics are beautifully done as well. This will engage kids.”

Originally from: https://www.nappaawards.com/product/ivox-book-app/



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