What are VOX books?

Sep 8, 2023 | News, Products, VOX Books | 0 comments

Written By Meghan Narayan

Alright, I know I’m pretty late, but how cool are VOX books? My toddler was so excited to bring this home and hear this special story being read aloud to us both. This really took me back to the Scholastic book fairs, when I would try to collect all the “books on CD.”

While understanding the benefits, I am a bit resistant to technology in the early childhood years, so my daughter doesn’t read on a device. These books are kind of the best of both worlds- little hands can hold a beautiful hardback book, while being able to listen to a story without an adult present.

I think these books would be great in classrooms for children whose primary language doesn’t match the language being spoken by the teacher. You can also easily plug headphones in, to minimize distractions in a shared space.

My little one is very much at the age where she needs to assert her independence. I cannot think of a better way for her to have control over something she’s doing, while immersing herself in a literary experience. Plus, I can get a few minutes of some alone time. 🙂

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