KC Public Library announces “Whenever Book Club” for those of us who want a book club, but are bad at doing a book club

Jul 20, 2021 | News, Online Book Club, Products | 0 comments

By  Brock Wilbur

It is possible, and we aren’t suggesting that this is the case, but it is possible that you or someone you love might be bad at book clubs. We know: scandalous.

J/K. We’re terrible at it. We love reading books. We plow through them. Yet, somehow, when it comes time to be held to a deadline for discussions, we fall through absolutely every time. It is as if the mere existence of a book club renders us useless.

Or, inversely, we enter into a book club knowing full well we’ll never finish a whole book, but we enjoy bullshitting about it with others while drinking wine. Wine is a good excuse to be bad at things. That’s what books have taught us.

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