iVOX™ delights and engages curious young minds with immersive storytelling technology.

Soaring to new heights


VOX is a revolutionary take on read-alongs for children ages 2-10. It is our wildly popular VOX Books experience, integrated and expanded into an interactive adventure using state-of-the-art technology.

Whether used as a motivational tool for young readers or simply to add a bit more magic to the reading experience, iVOX is a learning tool that benefits children of all ages.

Available online or as apps for iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire. Simply go to the website or download the app, select a book, and press start to bring favorite stories to life.


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  • Recommended for ages 2-10
  • Browser-accessible, or apps available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire
  • 39 titles available now, with more coming soon!
  • Affordable for every library

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iVOX titles

The Digital Pop-up Version of Vox Books

What users Are Saying About iVOX


ivox is a huge success!”

The technology is simple for both the adult and the child/student to use. The app is easy to navigate by simply choosing a book and the app reads aloud to the reader. As a teacher I enjoy that the words are also on the page as the narrator reads aloud. The student can both see and hear how the words are spelled. I like the 3D “pop up” aspect of the illustrations. It keeps the reader more engaged in a story, especially if they have a short attention span. One suggestion is to open up the technology to use the app on a smart-board for entire class discussions.


Kindergarten/1st grade Special Education teacher/parent

I thought it was interesting to explore and fun and helps with reading. As a 4th Grader I think it helps improve your reading and helps find interesting books, it is very fun I’m sure the app will be a success.

4th Grader


He thought it was pretty cool that the pictures were interactive and that you could move with your fingers to the angle you wanted.


Focus Group

She really liked the stories and the 3D setting of each page, and that it was very interactive; she said it was almost like a cartoon; the fact that pictures were jumping out of each page was really fascinating for her.


Library Patron, Facebook Comment

This is such a great product! And I love that you can use it on your personal device, instead of having to check out a separate piece of equipment, like with Playaways/Playaway Views, etc.



The graphics are really beautiful. Kept him really engaged and enthralled. He loved it when he figured out he could zoom in and move around the 3D page. Cloud chaser was particularly great for him. 

Focus Group


They loved it! They keep using it to read and play with the books. They loved being able to zoom in and out on the pictures—and that the story was read to them.



She absolutely loved it and wanted more titles. She loved being able to look around the bedroom, and then zoom in on the book. She keeps asking to do it again.



The colors and graphics were great! She really enjoyed the app. She was excited.



My child thought it was fun and relatively easy to use. The book choices were good and she really liked the book animation.  She said she liked this better than other book reading programs that she has tried.



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